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While visiting Trakai, don’t miss the oldest kybyn inn in town – THE OLD KYBYN INN. Open back in 1969, the restaurant is established in a traditional Karaite building with green shutters. Although rebuilt for the third time, the place still cherishes the centuries-old Karaite, Tatar and Lithuanian cuisine traditions such as the kybyn, traditional stew prepared in clay pots, best tasting potato and meat dumplings, potato pancakes, mashed potato and meat pancakes, potato filled intestines, sauerkraut soup in a bread pot and traditional cold beet soup, homemade bread kvass or caraway seed drink.
The Old Kybyn Inn offers a wide range of the kybyn pasty and Lithuanian dishes that officially make part of the European culinary heritage; beside the kybyn with mutton, beef, pork, chicken, vegetable or curd fillings, our visitors can enjoy potato and meat dumplings, potato pancakes, dumplings with meat and other Lithuanian meat or fish dishes for the main course.

Pre-orders accepted on all our products.
THE OLD KYBYN INN – an unbroken tradition!



Located on the shore of the lake in Trakai, the Old Kybyn Inn–Pizzeria stands out for its luxury and good taste. Here you will find not only the most popular types of the kybyn with mutton and pork, but also a broad range of hot grill dishes, a variety of pizzas and sushi.
Once you step in, you are taken far away from here… There is nothing that would remind of a traditional pizzeria. If asked to describe the interior in one word, the right term that would instantly come into your mind would be ‘Impressive!’. The interior of the Old Kybn Inn–Pizzeria was created with the assistance of designer and artist S. Maslovas, who has perfectly mastered the art of combining luxury with cosiness. The walls on the first floor are decorated with his nature morte canvases, and the ceiling is covered with ornamented canvas. The shelves accommodate antique kitchenware items such as jars, pots, candlesticks and diverse old articles. The place is furnished with eye-catching large oak tables and handmade chairs covered with luxurious tapestries. The area on the second floor also has an oriental touch – glazed handrails are decorated with hand-embroidered curtains. Just as other items found in the building, incredible chandeliers come from antique shops.

Pre-orders accepted on all our products.
THE OLD KYBYN INN – an unbroken tradition!


THE ROYAL OLD KYBYN INN near the Vilnius-Kaunas motorway (23 km). The restaurant offers Karaite, Tatar, Lithuanian and European cuisines.
Some of the Karaite and Lithuanian meals have the Culinary Heritage Foundation and national heritage marks.
Next to the main building there is a separate KIBIN DRIVE lane, where you can get 23 types of delicious and juicy kybyns, cakes with different fillings, homemade caraway seed drink, our homemade bread kvass, good aromatic coffee or tea and other products without leaving your car. KIBIN DRIVE is open daily from 7:00 to 00:00.
THE ROYAL OLD KYBYN INN is a perfect place for any private event or occasion.
There is a convenient access and a spacious free parking area for motor vehicles and tourist buses.
The main room has a stage for special programmes or musician performances.
On weekends we arrange music evenings and concerts.
We are proud to be able to offer different spaces for banquets and receptions with the total capacity of up to 500 guests at a time.
We have considerable experience in organising weddings, anniversaries, birthday, graduation, first communion, baptising, etc. parties. At your saddest hour, you can also trust us the arrangement of a post-funeral reception.
Excellent food, top-class service and convenient location – those are the reasons why we are your first choice as a place for corporate parties, conferences and business meetings.
Our chefs will offer meals even for a connoisseur who is not so easy to please; menus for banquets and receptions are individually agreed on a case-by-case basis.
We also have a separate menu for children.


THE OLD KYBYN INN next to the bridge to the Trakai Castle

The café serves our different types of the kybyn, cakes with a variety of fillings, also Lithuanian, Karaite, Tartar and European cuisine. On the terrace, our guests will surely take delight in scenic view of nature while enjoying our meals and drinks.

Here you can by a whole range of the kybyn, cakes, broth, kvass, caraway seed drink, coffee, tea and ice cream to take away.

SENOJI KIBININĖ – an unbroken tradition!



The café serves our different types of the kybyn, cakes with a variety of fillings, also Lithuanian, Karaite, Tartar and European cuisine. On weekdays, a special lunch menu is also available for your lunch break.

Orders are accepted for events and post-funeral dinners for up to 50 persons.

A terrace is also open during summer.

Pre-orders accepted on all our products.

SENOJI KIBININĖ – an unbroken tradition!



Our small cafés serve our products as a takeaway option or an on-the-spot meal.

We are proud of our handmade kybyns with a broad range of fillings to choose from: meat, vegetables, curd, etc., which are made according to the old traditions and recipes. For the sweet-toothed we have some pastry, including the traditional Tatar puff-dough cake with the poppy-seed and raisins filling ‘Šimtalapis’, kybyns with sweet curd, chocolate, donuts, biscuits, etc.

Our news is The Old Kybyn Inn cakes with a range of diverse chicken and vegetable, sweet curd, etch fillings.

As refreshment, try out traditional homemade kvass, caraway seed drink, other soft drinks, coffee or tea.

Pre-orders accepted on all our products.

THE OLD KYBYN INN – an unbroken tradition!



For customers convenience, THE OLD KYBYN INN sells kybyns with different fillings to take away right from its food trucks. At any time you will buy here fresh and hot kybyns, soft and hot drinks.

Pre-orders accepted on all our products.

THE OLD KYBYN INN – an unbroken tradition!


Lesson on making the kybyn – €7.00,
Watching the making and tasting of the cake ‘Šimtalapis’ – €7.50.

Tasting of Lithuanian, Karaite and Tatar meals.

Pre-orders accepted on all our products.
THE OLD KYBYN INN – an unbroken tradition!



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  • ar sutikote, kad naudotume slapukus šioje svetainėje.

Be to, su kai kuriais mūsų puslapių vaizdo siužetais naudojami slapukai, kad būtų galima anonimiškai gauti statistinių duomenų apie tai, kaip radote tą puslapį ir kokius vaizdo siužetus žiūrėjote.

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"Senoji kibininė"
1969 Gegužė
"Senoji Kibininė Pica"
2007 Rugsėjis
"Karališka Senoji kibininė"
2009 Rugsėjis
Autoparduotuvė "Senoji Kibininė"
2012 Rugpjūtis